November 2015

Judge’s Award DOIN' EVERYTHIN'
Written and directed by Jacob A. Ware and Kate Dearing. Watch Here
Audience’s Award SHOE
Written and directed by Eric Fisher. Watch Here
A young, mixed- race jazz musician finds he has no African DNA, and struggles to figure out how the eff he will make sense of his life...
Written by Ian Lassiter, directed by Jeffrey Glaser.
A contractor is hired to make a change to a body after the burial, all while staying "within the budget". A parable about life in modern Russia.
Written and directed by Nikita Tamarov.
Lenny and Chris head to a mysterious manor house for a special job. But they haven't reckoned on just who they're there to kidnap, and who else might have had the same idea...
Written and directed by written and directed by Richard Higson.
One of the only 10,000 part how-to tutorial series.
Written and directed by Jacob A. Ware and Kate Dearing.
Soldiers in the American Revolution fight to survive. And to inherit a shoe. They mostly fight about the shoe.
Written and directed by Eric Fisher.
Young teenage girls are constantly being robbed of their belongings and only one true fairy can pave the way towards a happily ever after.
Written and directed by Juanwei Chen.
Part of the Wanna Be a Star contest, starring audience member Emily Diamond.
Written and directed by Victor Varnado and Jay Stern.


Wanna be a Star

At each month's screening, we randomly select a member of the audience and team them up with a director to star in their very own films!
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