August 2015

Judge’s Award PRISON ZOO
Written and directed by Alix Lambert.
Audience’s Award GET SOME!
Written and directed by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez. Watch Here
Prison is full of animals.
Written and directed by Alix Lambert.
A story about a table tennis game of death.
Written and directed by Chris Lethbridge.
While reading her students a fairy tale, a teacher becomes so invested in the story that she begins to substitute its morals with her own.
Written and directed by Arnaud Lalanne.
A young man momentarily leaves a one-night stand to buy condoms and things get complicated.
Written and directed by Harry Anderson.
A cunning cat meets its enemy, a red fish. He swears to destroy her... but will his carefully calculated plan succeed?
Written and directed by Dennis Zaidi.
An average man jumps off a roof to kill himself only to discover that he's invincible.
Written and directed by Brandon Hall.
A short film about all the things not to say on a first date.
Written and directed by Daniel Hurwitz.
A webseries about a Nuyorican couple who refuse to accept the honeymoon is over as they go out of their way to keep their relationship hot and spicy.
Written and directed by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez.
Part of the Wanna Be a Star contest, starring audience member Gloria Foxman.
Written by John Painting and Maxwell Foxman, directed by Lee Jutton.


Wanna be a Star

At each month's screening, we randomly select a member of the audience and team them up with a director to star in their very own films!
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