April 2019

Audience’s Award GABRIEL GOES DOWN
Written and directed by Gregory Oxenberg.
Judge’s Award BEHAVE, KIDS
Written by Zane Tracey and Tripp Crosby, directed by Tripp Crosby.
How does a normal Tinder date work?
Written by Benjamin Veyres, directed by Adrien Cohen and Nicolas Cohen.
A woman gets a marriage proposal. But it's really, really complicated.
Written and directed by SEJ Wood.
A tiger, escaping his hunter, ends up in a space station occupied by an astronaut and his goldfish...
Written and directed by Gauthier Ammeux, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumény, Alexandre Dumez, Léa Finucci, Marina Roger.
When Gabriel’s girlfriend dumps him in an unceremonious fashion, he becomes determined to win her back and prove her wrong.
Written and directed by Gregory Oxenberg.
The life of an NFL kicker is harder than you can imagine.
Written and directed by Amadeo Fusca and Gary Lee Mahmoud.
A criminal tries to make a safe house into a safe home...
Written and directed by Tom Rizzuto.
A good boy youth pastor Greggor and his sensual girlfriend Kim have been invited over to house sit for Greggor’s new Bible-beating boss. Greggor and Kim are free to do whatever they want in a house they assume they have all to themselves.
Written by Zane Tracey and Tripp Crosby, directed by Tripp Crosby.
Part of the Wanna Be a Star contest, starring audience member Trudi Bartow.
Written and directed by Adam R. Brown and Kyle I. Kelley.


Wanna be a Star

At each month's screening, we randomly select a member of the audience and team them up with a director to star in their very own films!
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