June 2006

Judge’s and Audience’s Award DEAR HENRY
Written and directed by Richard Ledley.
Ula La loves to play pranks on her best friend Tom.
Written by Chris Attrill and Ivy Mak, directed by Nic Holland.
There's a hole in the bucket. And so much more.
Written and directed by Richard Ledley.
The Boy Wonder gets some dating help from The Batman.
Written by Will Carlough, directed by James Duffy.
How sweet the sound.
Written and directed by Dave Simonds.
When ghosts attack, the world needs a special man. A Pac man.
Written and directed by Scott Gairdner.
Unilateral decision making, pollution, and cronyism -- in your apartment!
Written and directed by Matt Kresling and Seth Toedter.
Dutch West takes magic to the streets.
Written and directed by Dutch West.
Part of the Wanna Be a Star contest, starring audience member Jonny Goldstein.
Written and directed by Mr. Corey Boutilier.


Wanna be a Star

At each month's screening, we randomly select a member of the audience and team them up with a director to star in their very own films!
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