August 2004

You'll never look at a plastic dancing flowerpot the same way again.
Written and directed by Steve Collins.
Dano Johnson, of Austin Texas' "Puppet Show" is back, with a holiday film made expressly for First Sundays! Boy are WE lucky!
Written by Tate English, directed by Dano Johnson.
and animated by Dano Johnson
New tales of misery and insecurity from IngredientX.com.
Written and directed by Lev.
America's newest reality show will leave you aching with laughter (and groin pain)!
Written and directed by Michael and Patrick Henry.
At the turn of another century, Amerca's favorite spectator sport was Professional Pillowfighting.
Written and directed by James Greenberg.
Straight talk about girls, artists, and sideburns.
Written and directed by Jay Stern and M. Sweeney Lawless.
A remake of the classic film, this time with laughs.
Written and directed by Sean Conroy.
New. From Canada. What happens when you use your brain on the outside of your head?
Written and directed by Hotdogboy.
Part of the Wanna Be a Star contest, starring audience member Kurt Sass.
Written and directed by Jason Woliner.


Wanna be a Star

At each month's screening, we randomly select a member of the audience and team them up with a director to star in their very own films!
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